Book review: the interpreter’s journal

Benjawan Poomsan has dedicated the last 15 years to fostering mutual understanding, even while building a career as a legal interpreter. This latter aspect of her professional life is the subject of The Interpreter’s Journal, a thoroughly enjoyable book for anyone with an interest in interpreting, languages, Thailand, and inter-cultural issues.

La traducción a primera vista: el primer paso en el camino de la interpretación simultánea

La traducción a primera vista agiliza los procesos cognitivos que se ponen en marcha tanto en la interpretación simultánea como en la consecutiva.  Su práctica constante permite resolver estructuras gramaticales que presentan dificultades en la combinación lingüística en cuestión, lo que desencadena una especie de efecto dominó que facilita la resolución de otras estructuras gramaticales tanto o más complejas que las primeras.  

AIIC staff interpreters meet in Africa

For the first time in its history, the AIIC Staff Interpreters’ Committee held its annual meeting on the African continent. In September 2011, superb hosts at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda welcomed a large group of staff and freelance interpreters, including delegates from over ten organisations, to two days of productive meetings in Arusha, Tanzania. The theme of this year’s session was training. Opportunities and initiatives in member organisations were highlighted, and guest speaker Jibola Sofolahan provided an overview of activities on the African continent.