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Last month, this website entered its 8th year of operation serving over 26,000 pages a day. Now we are happy to roll out three new services.

Last month, this website entered its 8th year of operation serving over 26.000 pages a day. That’s 800.000 page views per month. To mark this anniversary, we are happy to roll out three new services. The first one is targeted at clients who require interpreters; the second one is for students looking for a suitable educational programme; and the third one is aimed at would-be interpreters and junior interpreters.

For clients – /directories/consultants/

What do you do when you’re in charge of staging a multilingual event and need interpreters? Some turn to the Yellow Pages, look up any old company under "language services" and trust to luck. Well, it no longer needs to be that way. If you want to put good fortune on your side, turn to aiic.net instead and look up an AIIC consultant interpreter near you.

Sourcing interpreters can be a daunting task. It involves finding the right professionals with the requisite language combination, as close as possible to the conference venue, with the relevant experience for a particular conference topic. Even if you know people who are cut out for the job, they may not be available anymore on the dates of your event. For each interpreter recruited it is often the case that three or four must be approached.

Unless you are a regular recruiter of interpreters, your best bet is to let a professional do the work for you, i.e. assess what type of language services are best suited to your particular requirements, put together a team of interpreters with complementary language combinations, advise on the choice of technical equipment, liaise with the interpreters and the equipment supplier, forward conference materials, deal with last-minute changes to the programme, handle contracts, invoicing, etc.

The Directory of AIIC Consultant Interpreters is a fee-paying service open to all AIIC members or groups composed exclusively of AIIC members with a proven track record as recruiters for private market clients. Applications are vetted internally by a compliance committee and then undergo peer review before coming online. Applicants agree to abide by the AIIC Code of Professional Ethics, the AIIC Professional Standards including Annex 1 to the Standards (Guidelines for Consultant Interpreters) and Best Practice for Consultant Interpreters.

With this new directory, AIIC hopes to facilitate contacts between the clients, conference organisers or meeting planners who require language services and the consultant interpreters who have experience in sourcing professional conference interpreters.

For students — /schools/

For a number of years, AIIC has published a list of interpretation courses which meet the conditions established by the Association’s training experts. In 2004 a new review was undertaken by AIIC’s Training Committee on the basis of an online questionnaire sent to 177 establishments. Answers were received from 50-odd schools and then assessed internally. An online database of schools that scored at least 50% on the AIIC checklist for interpretation programmes is now available on this website.

The database includes information on the type of programmes, including their duration, whether a stay abroad is required or what language combinations are currently on offer. An advanced search facility makes it a snap for prospective students to shortlist the most effective programmes with a given language combination in a particular region of the world

For starters — /vega/

Much of the feedback that we receive about this website comes from young people wondering what is involved in becoming a conference interpreter, what training opportunities are available or how to get started in the profession.

VEGA is a world-wide network of professional conference interpreters - all of them members of AIIC - dedicated to helping budding and junior interpreters pursue their fledgling career. Over the past few years, they have assembled an invaluable resource featuring original content and reference materials that will set you on the path towards a successful interpreting career.

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