Facts, figures and photos from Brussels and beyond

Number of AIIC members attending the Assembly: 290

Number of members represented: 1,132

Number of microphones in the assembly hall: 300

Number of glasses broken by AIIC members squeezing into/out of seats (approx): 39

Number of DVDs of The Whisperers sold: 304 

AIIC Assembly


Number of days in Brussels: 8

Number of days with sunshine: 5

Number of press conferences/interviews: 4


Press conference - Dirk Reunbrouck, Silke Gebhard, Michel Lesseigne and Hande Guner

 TV Brussel interviews AIIC president J. Mackintosh

Number of articles/broadcasts about AIIC as a consequence: 10

Hyperlinks to articles currently available on the net (currently identified): 3

Number of AIIC group meetings/events organised around the assembly: 12

Number of languages spoken and interpreted at events: 6 (English, Dutch, French, German, Slovak and Turkish)


Máire Ennis and Elizabeth Davies in the booth at press conference

Number of technicians taking care of sound, electronic voting, IT, etc: 5

AIIC members among them: 1 (V. Buck – below left, in center)

Number of volunteers in Brussels who helped plan, organise and make the conference a success (minimum): 35

Number of photographs in the Brussels Photo Book by Horst Wagner (below, right) on the AIIC extranet: 139

Number of hours all these people put in: countless

Behind the scenes - Vincent Buck (3rd from left)     Horst Wagner

Number of cities where AIIC members reside: 251

Number of countries where AIIC members reside: 87

Number of languages covered by AIIC members: 46

Number of AIIC regions: 24

Total number of members: 2,736

Interpreters currently going through admission procedures: 213

Percentage of membership represented by women: 75%

AIIC members and volunteers

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