The new AIIC-UN agreement: a checklist for interpreters

A succinct checklist allows all interpreters – AIIC members and non-members alike – to evaluate their recruitment under the AIIC-UN agreement.

AIIC has had a collective bargaining agreement which regulates interpreter working conditions and pay when employed by these organisations since 1969. Thanks to the hard work of our Negotiating Delegation, we have had a new agreement since 1st January 2019. This time, it is “evergreen”- the agreement does not expire and is not open to renegotiation except in very specific circumstances. Equally, some UN Funds and Programmes have opted out of the agreement*, so are not bound by the agreement; most have not opted out and are still required to comply with the terms of the agreement. Please contact the Negotiating Delegation should you have any doubt as to whether an employer should be recruiting you under the agreement or on the private market.

Given that we have a new agreement, we thought it would be useful to have a succinct checklist for you to check whether you are being recruited under the terms of the agreement or not. Should you have any doubt as to whether your employment conditions are agreement compliant, please contact your local Professional Delegation, or the Negotiating Delegation in areas without a Professional Delegation.

If you are recruited under the agreement, you should:

  • Receive a letter of appointment
  • Be paid at the relevant rate
  • Be recruited as an official of the organization with all privileges and immunities arising from that status, for the duration of your contract, including exemption from national taxation
  • Receive Daily Subsistence Allowance and pay for travel time for missions where applicable
  • Work under conditions and manning strengths that comply with the relevant provisions of the agreement (generally two three-hour sessions per day, with a minimum break of ninety minutes, with two colleagues per booth or three colleagues for a bi-directional booth. There are some exceptions to this; if in doubt please check the agreement, and if still in doubt check with your local Professional Delegation or the Negotiating Delegation). 

You should not:

  • Be paid via an intermediary or agency
  • Be paid a rate other than that stipulated in the agreement
  • Have to send an invoice
  • Take part in a call for tender

If you have any questions, please ask your local Professional Delegation or the Negotiating Delegation. The best way to keep our collective bargaining agreement strong is to ensure compliance across the board. We hope we can count on your support.

*as it currently stands, the only entities to have opted out are: UNDP, UNOPS and PAHO. This could change and this website may not be up to date. If in doubt, please contact the Negotiating Delegation.

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AIIC. "The new AIIC-UN agreement: a checklist for interpreters". October 14, 2019. Accessed July 8, 2020. <>.